About Us


Our Mission

Fixing the smiles through the modern digital market. The business since past 12 years serving people through their repairing shop in different markets now located in Brampton. Anything that comes in the world of devices , we fix it for you.


Our Values

  • Pay when your mobile is repaired. 
  • Timely Response. 
  • Certified cell phone repair experts in Brampton. 
  • Customer satisfaction.

Core Service

We will

Repair Cell Phone, Tablets & Game Console Devices Without Compromising Quality

You will never regret the decision after choosing us.

Broken Screen Repair

Stop hurting your fingers by scrolling with broken screen we are here for you to repair your tablet and phone broken screen repair of any brand including iPhone broken screen repair, Apple iPad broken screen, Samsung broken screen, LG phone broken screen and all other brand’s model. Our price range vary to the phone devices you want us to fix.

Water Damage Repair

Got your phone dunked in water? No worries we will restore your phone from water damage of any model either it is iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, LG phone, iPad, Samsung tablet or any other phone model. We also repair game console devices, Apple iPad, Samsung Tablets and other branded tablets. Our price range vary to different devices.

Battery Repair / Charging Issue Repair

Oops! Are you on power saving mode and still your phone battery is at 1%? Or you charged your phone one hour ago and it says battery low? Don’t worry we have battery replacement of iPhone, iPads, Samsung batteries replacement, LG phone replacement, game console battery issues repairing and other battery repair services for different brand’s model devices.

Fix Speaker Issue

Can’t hear your favorite music? Or calling without a hand free flop idea? Well, we will repair phone speakers to make your life more happening, not just phone speakers.
We will repair tablet speakers of any brand whether its Apple iPhone , Samsung Smartphone speakers , Apple iPad , Samsung Tablets, LG Tablets or any of your favorite devices speakers repair.

Camera Repair

Who doesn’t like high resolution clear photos either for social media, school assignments or office work.If you are still working with a broken mobile camera or tablet. You don’t have to from now on. We will repair phone broken cameras and repair tablet cameras at the most affordable prices of any brand. Fill the form for broken camera repair services for mobile or
camera repair services for tablets and we will quote you the exact prices.